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Tutorial - Playing Sounds

You can also play sounds in your cartoons. You should use function Play for this purpose. You should supply a path to a WAV file. This can be a WAV file from our library like "effects/gunshot.wav" or fully qualified path to a WAV file located online like or fully qualified path to a WAV file on your hard drive like "c:\\gunshot.wav". Please keep in mind that function Play does not change scene time. The length of a WAV file is unknown during compilation. You should use Sleep () command after this function call to change the time in scene:

void Scene1 ()
    Play ( "effects/gunshot.wav" );
    Sleep ( 1 );

There is a good set of 10 seconds long loops available in our library. You can use these loops as backgroud music in your cartoons. Here is an example of such usage:

#include <boy.h>

void Scene1 ()
    // some actions
    Boy Max;
    Max.SetVisible ();
    Max.SetPos ( 500,290 );
    Max.GoesTo ( -500, 290, 30 );

    // play music
    SetTime ( 0 );
    for ( int i=0; i<3; i++ )
        Play ( "loops/adventurous_americana.wav" );
        Sleep ( 10 );

Try to compile this example to see a boy walking and a music playing!

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