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Size of an Animated Cartoon

You already know that the default size of animated cartoons created by Web Cartoon Maker is 800x600 pixels and the coordinates of the right bottom corner are (400,300) and the coordinates of the left upper corner are (-400,-300) . It is also possible to scale a carton during export (you should click "Export" in WCM player):

Since most of the graphics is in vector format , the quality of cartoons does not degrade during such scaling.

But there is another way to change a cartoon size right from your C++ program. You should use function SetMovieSize for this purpose. You can use it anywhere in your program. Since the size of cartoon is fixed it makes sense to call it only once in your first scene. The function accepts two int parameters – width and height.

Once you change the size of your animated movie, you also change the coordinates of left upper and right bottom corners. For example if you want to make a 640 x 360 pixels cartoon, the coordinates of right bottom corner will be (320,180) and the coordinates of left upper corner will be (-320,-180) . In the example below the boy appears in the middle horizontally and at the bottom vertically:

void Scene1 ()


SetMovieSize ( 640, 360 );

Boy Max;

Max.SetVisible ( true );

Max.SetPos ( 0, 180 );

Sleep (1 ); // you can skip this


Which resizing option is better ? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Scaling during export may degrade raster format art (PNG, JPEG, GIF) but it also can be done at any time. Scaling inside the program itself should be done when you first start developing the program, since changing the size later in the program will affect the positioning of all the objects in the cartoon. On the other hand, your raster graphics will appear as they will look in the final cartoon. This may be particularly important if you are using photographs in your cartoon, since converting them to vector format is almost impossible.

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