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Outputting Variables

You can output the value of a string variable using the same commands we used to output string values by using a text object in our cartoon:

void Scene1 ()


string sHello = "Hello" ;

Text HelloText ( sText );

HelloText.SetVisible ( true );


We just need to use a variable name instead of a string value.

In classic C++ you would not be able to use other kinds of values and variables to create a similar text object, because a text object requires a string value as a parameter. But as I said before, values of other types (int, char and double) can be converted to strings automatically in WCM C++. This means that you can use these values and variables to create a text object or change the text:

void Scene1 ()


Text MyText ( "Hello" ); // create a text object from string value

MyText.SetVisible ( true );

SetTime ( 1.0 );

MyText.SetText ( 5 ); // change the text using int value

SetTime ( 2.0 );

MyText.SetText ( 5.72 ); // change the text using double value

SetTime ( 3.0 );

MyText.SetText ( 'a' ); // change the text using char value

string sVal = "Hello";

int iVal = 5;

double dVal = 5.72;

char cVal = 'a';

SetTime ( 4.0 );

MyText.SetText ( sVal ); // change the text using string variable

SetTime ( 5.0 );

MyText.SetText ( iVal ); // change the text using int variable

SetTime ( 6.0 );

MyText.SetText ( dVal ); // change the text using double variable

SetTime ( 7.0 );

MyText.SetText ( cVal ); // change the text using char variable

// wait one more second before the end of cartoon

SetTime ( 8.0 );


As you can see from this example , you can create all the objects before using any of them and use only when you need them.

You can try to compile and preview the above program. You will see an 8 seconds long cartoon showing you the following text strings two times (one using values and one using variables):

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