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Let's compile our first cartoon. We are going to use the Desktop Edition of Web Cartoon Maker for this purpose.

  1. Start Web Cartoon Maker (Desktop Edition)

  2. Type the following program

void Scene1 ()


// declare a text object

Text MyText ( "Hello World" );

// make it visible

MyText.SetVisible ( true );


  1. Click “Compile” button on the toolbar

  1. Wait until your program is compiled and movie is created. Status bar message should say “Ready” and “Download Movie” link should appear in the Output Window. WCM Player will start automatically

  2. First frame of your cartoon saying “Hello World!” should be displayed

  1. Click “Play” button in WCM Player. Your cartoon should play to the end.

  2. Close WCM Player.

  3. Try to play with your program by modifying the “Hello World” text.

There are three other buttons in the WCM Player window. These buttons control the loading and export of WCM cartoons and will be explained later.

Reference: At this point, you might also want to look at the “Hello World” tutorial and also run the “Text Objects in Web Cartoon Maker” sample script.

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